No logistics or manufacturing process would be complete without a strong suite of business information systems to support it.
Over the years PRC has developed a suite of software tools culminating in the current release called TRACS™ 2.0

TRACS™ 2.0

The current version of PRC’s suite of software includes the following key features that are the backbone of how PRC serves its customers.

  • Receiving
    • ASN based serialized receiving
  • Triage
    • Identification of item as sellable or liquidate
  • Screening
    • Safety test – e.g. Hi-Pot
    • Customer defined cosmetic criteria
  • Testing
    • Complete customer defined suite of functional testes
  • Cleaning/Polishing
    • The key of the remanufacturing process, this step brings the returned product back to a re-sellable condition.
  • Re-box
    • Packing of the re-manned product according to industry standards.
    • PRC offers packaging design solution to is customers, including ISTA drop-test analysis
  • Shipping
    • Palletizing and outbound manifesting
    • Shipping methods from individual drop shipments to LTL or TL loads.

Customer Portal

  • The whole TRACS™ 2.0 system is supported by a customer portal where customers can see real-time data for a standard set of production criteria. Additional reports and data feeds can be provided on a fee for service basis as required.