RecyclingIn the process of demanufacturing consumer returns, there are often valuable and reusable raw materials that can be identified and reclaimed. There are markets for precious metals such as gold, copper, aluminum and steel. These can be processed and reused, reducing waste and defraying your cost for recycling. All components that cannot be remanufactured or recovered are removed from unit and recycled. We have four levels of recycling that reduce waste and deliver the ultimate green solution.

  • By-products of remanufacturing are all recovered which includes all the packaging materials.
  • Products unfit or not viable for reman but still forced through the return channel are demanufactured into separate entities and recycled further.
  • Cannibalized parts and components are used as replacement parts, minimizing costs and time delays.
  • Recycling and Recovery of parts, wires, metals, and plastics involves demanufacturing and recycling to minimize landfill exposure.

e-Recycling and Recovery

PRC ideology is reflected in our desire to keep products out of the nation's overflowing waste stream. To do this, we recycle hundreds of thousands of products each year. One might even say that remanufacturing is the ultimate method of sustainable recommerce.

We recycle

  • Divert materials from our landfills
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Reduce pollution
  • Reuse of materials provides social benefits

We make it our priority to to recycle as many component parts as possible from each product that we receive during our remanufacturing process. 

However, due to chronic field failures, prohibitive cost, or obsolescence, some clients choose not to remanufacture certain models. If and when PRC receives such a model, we will recycle the raw materials. In addition to keeping tons of materials out of our Nation's overflowing landfills, our recycling programs minimize (sometimes eliminate) our partner's disposal costs.