RemanufacturingOur rigorous proprietary remanufacturing, reprocessing and recycling processes are utilized on all our customers' products by our factory trained technicians, followed by a strict schedule of final inspections and testing with quality levels set to exceed manufacturers' specifications, consistently producing products often "compared to new." The facilities and remanufacturing procedures exceed the stringent standard for both the US and Canadian UL listing and approval requirements.

  • PRC will remanufacture product to each client's specific requirements or, upon request, to industry standards.
  • PRC Engineering and Quality services offers post-market root cause analysis with corrective and preventive actions to reduce returns.
  • PRC also offers pre-market design and analysis services for manufacturing to reduce returns and improve reliability.

Traditional refurbishing companies typically perform only the least amount of service required to allow a product's return to market. In many cases, products are merely received and re-shipped as is. Most people are deterred from purchasing refurbished items due to the notion of getting a substantially inferior product that may or may not work.

Our approach is different. In the remanufacturing process, returned units are disassembled into their individual parts. Trained technicians then inspect each part for defects, damage, and cosmetic appearance. Upon passing inspection, the parts are staged and processed accordingly.

 Remanufacturing of Vacuums  Remanufacturing

After the individual parts are recovered during the processing phase, we begin final assembly. Because the parts have already been inspected and tested, the assembly phase is very similar to that of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). All units are tested again before the packaging stage, to ensure full conformance. Our remanufactured products function as they would if brand new, with only the possibility of minor cosmetic imperfection.

Before PRC's Remanufacturing Process  After PRC's Remanufacturing Process