PRC RepackagingWhenever manufacturers and retailers do not require full remanufacturing, they are often faced with the task of reworking or re-packaging products. Changes in marketing efforts, alterations to product specifications, component add-on’s, new product codes are just a few examples of our services. Due to our experience and extensive resources we have the flexibility to undertake complex product repackaging programs even under the most demanding time-frames.

  • Rework projects for seasonal, short run or high volume builds
  • Bar coding labelling and re-labelling
  • Repackaging into new cartons
  • Remedy compliance issues

A considerable amount of product returns, specifically with e-retailers, comes from shipping damage.  Many producst have packaging designed for retail store shelves and not for express delivery.

PRC offers packaging design services for a fee that includes ISTA approved drop test certification.